Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Back Bumper...

....seems to attract all kinds of drivers. Actually, its not just my back bumper... my whole car seems to be a huge magnet for vehicles.

When my friend Lilo and I went down to Seattle at the beginning of July, I was hit from behind and ended up needing a brand new bumper. During the weeks I had to wait for the appointment, everything seemed to be somewhat uneventful (driving-wise, haha !) til one evening on my way to Starbucks, a guy speeding up behind me passed me on a one-lane (as if I don't drive fast enough..) and scraped the side of my car. And let me say, it was not just as simple as exchanging information - cause he would not give me any of his info and in fact, left the scene. So I got to follow him around in circles while calling the cops, til he finally pulled over at 7-11 and waited til the cop showed up.

That whole episode was long and drawn-out because the kid wouldn't come in to give a statment, but in the end they said he would be 100% responsible since he refused to come in (his car was actually a rental and he didn't even have any papers in the car )... which means now I can finally get the side of my car fixed - after almost 3 months !!

THEEEEENNNN.... as the weeks were passing as I waited for this particular section of car to get fixed, my neighbour backed his pickup truck into my car and hit my brand new bumper that I just had put on three weeks ago, with his hitch. So now I have a beautiful rusty square imprint on the bumper right beside a big huge crack he left.

The people at Buzz's Autobody Repair thank me. Without me, no Christmas bonus....