Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Photos

I was looking through some old picture files and found a few to post...

..just cuz they're fun to look at :)

Some of my guy cousins at a Picklyk cousin reunion. There are a lot of us -

7 of the guys are missing from this picture. By the way,

they were playing Bocci and broke one of the balls in half.

Ya. I know.

Left to right:

Nathan, Orlund, Virden, Warren, Johnathan, Jarius, Jordan and Jarred.

I love how they are all standing around with their hands in their pockets.
Jordan, Jarius, Johnathan, Nathan, Jarred, Virden, Warren

Someone sent me this and said it's because it
reminded them of me and my driving :)

Sunday cousin lunch at Milestones.
JaeNelle, Jarius, Jordan

Oh my goodness ! I totally forgot I had this pic still, haha !

Having dinner at Earls with some friends and

Tim from the UK.. they all got a little

carried away with their phones.

This is Virden, my younger brother :) He came in for a

haircut, so I took pictures in stages. At the very end, he thought I

finished the cut and was taking the "After" photo..

til I burst out laughing and he clued in that I left a little tail

of hair behind. I did cut it off before he left,

just for the record !

Seeing Orlund, my older brother, sit this way at his computer

was normal for me and my family. Seeing Orlund fold up into the chair

from sitting this way at his computer was normal for me and my family.

I can't tell if Orlund felt bad for me or if he was annoyed with me..

Me being a nice sister again.. buttering my brother's

toast because he couldn't reach. For those

of you who read my blog entry titled

"Cupcake", this is where it all began..

I remember this happening. I never did figure out why

they didn't want me to sit down,

and said to stick my butt out more..

"But" now I see why !

My lil bro.. haha !! So cute :)

Me and da boyz !!

Orlund still makes that face sometimes..

My cousin Andrea and I at my Uncle Andrew's house

one night. Andrea, I think this is the time

we made stupid jokes all night long and we were the only ones

that ended up laughing at them.

The night my first niece Joy was born !!!! Awe..

I love all 4 of my nieces tons and tons and tons !!

Another is on the way.. or will it be a nephew this time ??

My cousin Andrea, cousin-in-law Melody, Me, and my friend Sherri

having some fun girl time at my aunt and uncle's house.

Wow, this picture is from so long ago !!

My good friend Taraleigh and I at a Christmas

banquet a few years ago. Am I looking kinda orange here ?

Nothing like a good ol' fake-n-bake in the middle of winter :)

Yay for auntie Twyla.. teaching my nieces Joy and Ava "music" early on.

Good students too - they even figured out on their

own how to play "forte" which is the Italian

term meaning "loud".

I won't even mention how much whipping cream

Joy and Ava ate that night. Let's just say after dessert time,

I became their favorite person in the whole entire world.

A beautiful sunset on a lake during a

Norstrom family reunion a few years ago.

This picture of Kamloops was taken by

Orlund during a wintery evening..

I love this picture !

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