Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today.... I showered with a moth and didn't know it. Well, at least not until it flew in front of my face when I scared it from its hiding place on my favorite shower-gloves. I am surprised the shower door is still attached to the rest of the shower. I really don't like bugs at all. And no, the moth is not "just like a butterfly" - if it was, it wouldn't be called a "moth".
Today.... I cheated on my healthy-eating kick by caving into my Starbucks Grande Chai Latte-light water-no foam craving. They usually say if you give into a craving when you're trying to be good, that afterwards you totally feel like it wasn't worth it. They were wrong about the chai latte from Starbucks - it was beyond worth it :)
Today.... I filled up my car with fuel at a price of $1.29 per liter, only to drive by another gas station much closer to home and see the sign state "Full Serve: $1.16 per liter".
Today.... I had a good laugh with a couple of coworkers when one of them scared me so bad I almost lost all the freckles off my skin. Good thing I had a lid on my latte...
Today.... I realized that in a week and a half, I will get to see some people from the USA that I haven't seen in just over a year that I am excited to see !! :)


  1. Bahahaha ;)
    today... Joy came to me and asked to remove the random blue spot on her thumb. What is that??
    Today... I looked in the mirror and thought "who's that hottie? nice haircut" ;)
    Today... Olivia is dressed in an orange shirt and orange skirt, that don't match.
    Today... I read your blog, keep it up :P

  2. Jenner: Aaah!! What are my kids up to??? My kids are named Joy and Olivia... Freaky!

    Twy: Gloves... for showering... I didn't think you were that dirty ;)