Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bootcamp: Day 14 of 42 (and Hairdressing)

Okay. Days 10-13 of bootcamp workout were non-existant. The only the thing that got a "bootcamp workout" was my patience :) I don't know what was up with people and their hair this last week but I think we should have a rule-book for clients if they want a good haircut.

For example:

  • Fidgeting, jiggling and wiggling when getting your hair cut is a bad idea. Not only for my fingers, but for your haircut, ears and jugular vein located on the side of your neck :)

  • If you have to sneeze or scratch, just let us know. If you don't tell us, you may end up with extra "texturizing and thinning" when its not needed.

  • If you find that your shirt always seems to get wet after having your hair washed, its probably because you've tried "helping" us wash your hair by lifting your head. Just lay back and relax and let us do the work. Since we don't know when you'll lift your head or how high, that hose will end up making the salon look like an indoor car wash. And you will walk out of there looking like you don't know how to use the indoor car wash.

  • Asking us to make it "just a hair shorter" isn't that funny. Just so you know.

  • Ladies that have hair 8 feet long: If we take off 3/4 of an inch instead of 1/2 an inch, it will not make a difference.

  • Stretching your thumb and pointer finger as far as you can and calling that an inch... that is not an inch. No matter how small your hands are, that is not an inch.

  • Let's address the term "Quick-Trim". No such thing exists. Cutting 1/4 of an inch instead of 1 inch still requires all the hairs on your head to be cut. Therefore, takes the same amount of time. Therefore, the term "Quick-Trim" does not exist.

Just a little insight into the world of hairstylists...

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