Monday, July 11, 2011

Bootcamp: Day 6 of 42

Soooo ! I was missing my days of kickboxing from when I was in my early 20's so six days ago I started a bootcamp workout thing... OH MY GOODNESS ! My muscles. Am I the only one that was unaware that even elbows have muscles ?!?
But soon I will be a pro.. I already have the second half of the push-up down pat. Ya know.... the part where your face meets the floor ? Ya, that part. I do it well. And the situps ? I sit up when I wake in the morning and I lay back down when I go to bed at night.
But apparently, I've been told, this is insufficient so hello to starfish pushups, kill-quicks, the plank, lunges, squats, military presses, jump-rope and jumping jacks. Did you know that doing jumping jacks when you're 31 years old is waaaaaaaaaay different than when you are 7 years old ? Well, cause it is. When your body changes, so do these exercises. I don't know who this "Jack"-guy is that couldn't keep his feet on the ground, but thanks a lot there, buddy !

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